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Search Engine Optimization in Prague

Comprehensive online marketing services focusing on the SEO, Linkbuilding and webdesign. We also work with website contents – text, proofreading, translation, structure and aesthetic.


Professional search engine optimization which will give you an advantage over your competitors.


Despite our long-standing business, we never stop improving the quality of our services.


Your success is our success. We approach every new project of yours honouring its specific character and purpose as if it were our own business.

Personal approach

We prefer an open communication within our individual, long-standing cooperations which we aim for results.

Advantageous investment

We don’t force you to buy whole packages.The limit of your budget depends entirely on you. By all means your investment will result in success.


In addition to your order, you’ll get the SEO analysis of your whole website, proofreading and setting of keywords for free.

Advantages of cooperation

We are able to optimize any website and ensure quality backlinks which have influence on attendance and the position on search engines.
Our philosophy is to provide professional services for a reasonable price which brings higher profits to our clients.

How other companies may do it:

Unspecified services

SEO companies want primarily to maximize their own profit to the detriment of the quality of the provided services and the responsibility for your website.

They promise you the best results and they expect that you won’t be able to verify them. All the work reports are described unspecifically so you don’t understand them. Such cooperation is mostly based on trust.

Unprofessional optimization

Hastily performed analysis of the website or none in the worst case. Inadequate determination of priorities and wasting time on less essential tasks.

Unprofessional setting of the whole core semantic web irrespective of your competitors and competition of particular keywords.

Poor data organization

Some SEO agencies don’t bother with the amount and structure of data on websites of their clients. The only thing that matters for them is displayed content.

They don’t respect the fact that there are still lots of people with a slow internet connection where websites can be loaded even in tens of seconds.

The longer people wait, the higher the risk of them leaving the website and starting to search for other products and information elsewhere.

Inferior backlinks

They can use so called ‘black hat SEO’ (automated spam etc.) which saves their costs. But it can have a bad influence on your reputation and even cause sanctions from search engines.

They place backlinks on websites with too general topic or ‘rubbish websites’ absolutely irrespective of your business field. They buy a large amount of inferior backlinks on the markets and automated systems. This can result in degradation of your website.

How we do it:

Distinctive services

Our goal is to gain an exponential increase of your sales. The money you pay always corresponds to the quality of the work we perform for you.

You buy tailor-made services about which we inform you regularly. Month reports include detailed list of performed work. Any time you can verify whether everything is one hundred percent done.

Efficient development

We dedicate ourselves thoroughly to a comprehensive analysis so we can set an efficient development plan of your website.

The first step si to properly analyse your product, wesite and competitors and after that we can start with the revision of the core semantic web, structure of the website etc. Our inspiration is in proved marketing strategies for particular type and field of business.

Fast loading of website

We’ll accelerate your website loading by deleting unused data, we compress everything to smaller size and we compound it to one file.

We’ll also set you caches so they will save data to your visitors’ search engines memory. This way they don’t have to save data again with another visit of your website.

It’s proved that fast working websites increase attendance and conversions.

Thematic Linkbuilding

We don’t use any automatization! We create quality backlinks by legitimate methods which creates a good reputation to your website and your company.

We are able to ensure quality PR articles referring to your product.

We can provide you with a vast list of thematic websites with high attendance which are appropriate for Linkbuilding. We are able to promote you in the right place.

Start with SEO as soon as possible!

It takes a long time to get websites to the front position when searching.

No matter whether your goal is to have a website which earns you money or you want to get to the front position when searching because of a different reason. It is always the right time to start building your good position one the Internet.

How it works

1) You’ll send us basic information about your project, website and problems you have. The more information the better.

2) We’ll perform a basic analysis of your website and competitors for free and we’ll contact you with our no-obligation offer for SEO and promotion.

3) A continuous development of your website certainly improves the position on search engines as well as the attendance rate. It also stimulates potential customers to make a purchase.

4) An increasing amount of backlinks on appropriately chosen thematic blogs and fora brings you continuously new potentional customers.

5) At the end of every month you’ll receive an invoice for the forthcoming month together with the list of performed work for the previous month. You’ll find there all important information and the list of URLs where we’ve placed backlinks for your website.

6) As soon as we receive your payment, we completely dedicate ourselves to your project.

SEO prices


  • We’ll suggest an optimal budget to achieve the front position on search engines.
  • But it depends completely on you how much you want to invest.
  • No matter what your budget is, we’ll use it to a maximum development of your online business.
  • You can choose only those types of services you are interested in.
  • The amount of your budget and services can be individually set for each month.
  • Value for money measurement is influenced by several different factors (see the graph on the right)
  • Type and field of business
  • Competition of keywords
  • Size, age and history of website
  • Other individual factors

Fast and efficient communication!

We’re a small company and therefore you communicate with the same people who know everything about your project and its development.

You can contact us anytime. We’ll be more than happy to explain you everything and to advise you the best solution for you.

Our experience

We’ve had extensive experience with online promotion for companies and clients engaged in these fields:

Cars / Motorcycles



Tourist industry


Personal blogs








Free time





What our clients say about us

Reviews we’ve got from our long-term clients:


Hello, my name’s Michael and I’m an owner of two car parks in Prague, Ruzyně. We’ve been cooperating with for over 2 years. They administrate for me three websites and targeted PPC advertising. The employees are responsible and realible – their enthusiasm is obvious. The communication with them was beyond our expectation, always positive and immediate. There occurred a few obstacles during our cooperation but the team managed to solve everything without any stress and diplomatically. The final result has always been increasing attendance and prospering sales. I need to mention that the price of services definitely meets the quality. I can recommend this company without any doubts at all.

Michael Ufland Owner of carpark Fajn-Parking


We would like to thank the team of professionals from who completely changed our website from the graphical point of view as well as its content. Their marketing campaign has been maintaining our long-term position on the top of search engines. The team of is very responsive, hard-working and creative – they have always been full of new ideas which work. All in all, we definitely recommend this agency. And once again thank you very much for your well performed job!

Julia Manager of cosmetic car service station United-C


I need to thank the team of for its help with building e-shop S-FASHION.CZ. The work was performed professionally and in a very short time. Besides Max’s professional attitude I want to emphasize his endless patience and loyalty when communicating with a client. At this time our e-shop promotion is in full flow. Of course we’ve entrusted this task to the team of and we can be absolutely sure with good results. We recommend

Mikhail Dmitriev Owner of e-shop S-fashion

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Our aptest answers for your potential questions

Why should I choose your company?

Our goal isn’t the amount of work but the quality. The efficient promotion of the company can’t be performed without the essential knowledge of the product, competitors and circumstances. The first step is always to investigate everything important for setting priorities and efficient strategies for your product on the Internet.

We always communicate with our clients honestly and we never promise anything what can’t be fulfilled. We maintain this approach as it has proved to be the right way. We don’t consider our clients money machines and we listen carefully to their needs and requirements. We constantly seek for them new opportunities and ways of promotion. We don’t follow any unreasonable rules and norms which could create obstacles.

Although we’ve been working in this field for over 3 years, we still don’t rest on our laurels. We draw inspiration and new ideas from well-known American SEO agencies where the standard of SEO services is much better than in Europe.

What does a month report include?

You’ll regularly receive a list of all SEO improvements performed on your website, all URLs where we’ve placed backlinks. And if you wish we can also include results of the attendance analysis and positions on search engines.

When can I expect the first results?

First of all you need to decide what you want to focus on. If it includes comprehensive SEO services, it usually takes three to four months from the beginning of our cooperation. It’s important to realize that the effect isn’t immediate. It is a long-lasting systematic process which requires time and it is influenced by several internal and external factors.